Seasonal - December 2014

Welcome to the Fall Seasonal.

The photo of Barrie in autumn is typical of our mid-November experience here in Barrie. This will be the final Seasonal this year and we wish you all a safe and festive holiday season. Soon the scene in the photo will be all too familiar and ongoing.

Life is busy in the fall as we ramp up for winter and we hope that the following articles and photos give you a glimpse at some of the activities we have enjoyed over these months.

In This Issue...
  • Fall Fair
  • Michaelmas
  • Farmers' Market
  • Festival Planning Group
  • Advent
  • Outings and Vacations
  • The Toronto Blue Jays Game
  • Halloween
  • Campstock
  • World Wide Weave
  • New Faces: Welcoming Debbie Savic and Shannon Turner
  • Novalis Kitchen
  • Princess and the Dragon

Fall Fair

The weather gave us the first cool and wet fall day, but that did not affect the high spirits of all who came to share the day.

Due to the ever increasing numbers attending, we decided to add another venue; a big tent pitched up outside the hall where vendors could set up and show their arts and crafts, while inside the hall was reserved for music, eating and socializing. We were grateful to have received a lot of positive feedback on the new arrangements.

We are always looking for ways to improve the fairs and welcome your comments. Please contact us by phone, letter or email.


We celebrated the festival of Michaelmas on September 29th, combining our two communities at the Nottawasaga site. The folks from Barrie—including the day program participants—eagerly made the commute and we all had a great day.

Part of the time was dedicated to challenging tasks, which everyone managed with outstanding courage and dedication.

You can see Sandra cautiously navigating the balance beam and Pete rolling over in a somersault!

Farmers' Market

Another season at the Barrie Farmers' Market, our third now, with an ever-increasing rota of volunteers to help Allan at the stand.

This year we had a lot of our board members assisting in the sales and packing on the Saturday mornings. You can see our Finance Officer, Neil Evans filling a bag with carrots while Allan and Diane take care of other business.

By the end of October we had exhausted our stocks of veggies, so we will see you next year!

Festival Planning Group

So, how do those glorious celebrations of the festivals throughout the year come about?

As you can see in this photo, we have a group that prepares the events. On this occasion we were looking at the Michaelmas festival and planning the dates for the months ahead.

It helps to include a nice mood around such a meeting, so we met over lunch with our members which include coworkers, companions and board member Jansje Holmes.

We always welcome anyone who feels inspired to contribute and we definitely need many volunteers to help.


On November 30th we celebrated a festival of lights with an Advent spiral where children follow the path to light a candle which is placed along the trail and eventually the entire path is illuminated.

Accompanied by seasonal music, it is inspiring and heartwarming to experience.

Outings and Vacations

Coworkers have the great privilege of sharing outings and events with our companions.

Everyone has a blast and usually can't wait to do it all over again.

In the photos we see Kim and Evan out with Chrystal Pataky who also took Tanja to a theme park near Niagara Falls where she subdued the local lizards. Tanja was able to disarm the lads with a joke: Why do you never see a Tyrannosaurus Rex in a tree? Because they're so good at hiding. You can see how they appreciated the humour. Thanks for the photos, Chrystal.

The Toronto Blue Jays Game

Meanwhile all the men went to a Toronto Blue Jays game.

High in the stands—close to the nose bleed section—but enjoying all the amenities nevertheless.


The Halloween dance grows each year. This time we had revelers from Alliston, Midland and Collingwood.

The live band played the song, Ghostbusters several times. The group, Albatross has been a regular feature at our dances and can play just about anything requested. They are a great hit with the crowd.

Doreen Harte deserves a great deal of appreciation for all the work she puts in to making these dances come about. See below some photos from the summer event: Campstock. Doreen organized a daytime festival with a BBQ and music in July. Keep up with our events on our website or our Facebook page. You won't be disappointed.


World Wide Weave

Our fibre arts group, led by Gabriele, finished off our contribution in November and sent it off to join the rest. We look forward to seeing the finished product.

THE WORLD WIDE WEAVE will be the world's first ever global weave. Everyone involved will play a part in creating an awe-inspiring set of wall-hangings.

The plan is to have 75 sections or panels in tune with Camphills' 75th anniversary.

The project is a development of the Camphill Foundation in Britain who have invited all weaving and textile workshops in Camphill to take part, both in the UK and Ireland and throughout the Movement. This includes fourteen other countries in Europe, North America and Africa where Camphill weaving takes place.

New Faces

Debbie Savic

Welcome Debbie Savic, development manager.

Debbie comes to us to help expand awareness of Camphill Communities Ontario in Simcoe County. Her job is funded by a three year grant Camphill received from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to develop our Day Programs so that more people can have access to the wide spectrum of activities in Barrie and the Nottawasaga site.

Another part of her job is to develop the rental potential of Novalis Hall in relation to the wider community: for events, special occasions, conferences, even weddings!

Debbie can be reached at the hall development office: (705)424-4121 or by email:

Shannon Turner

We also welcome Shannon Turner (left) who together with Patty Foster (right) will carry oversight for the homes in Nottawasaga.

Shannon comes with many years of experience in supervision, Quality Assurance and Person Directed Supports.

Novalis kitchen

To help meet the ever-increasing demand on our hall kitchen and to increase the capacity for events, we are doing a kitchen makeover.

The tiny galley-style kitchen provided faithful service for 17 years.

The new kitchen will also be important as a resource and training facility for our Day Program expansion, providing lunches and snacks for and with our companions.

Princess and the Dragon

Sylvie Roberge and Gabriele Schneider work with the companions on Speech and Drama on Wednesday afternoons. The fruits of their collective labours was presented early in November at Janus house in front of an appreciative audience of friends and family. The Princess and the Dragon is a tale of bravery and cunning.

The next project is now in full rehearsal; The Huron Carol will be presented at Central United Church, 54 Ross Street in Barrie on Friday December 19 at 4:30 pm. All are welcome and we assure you of a heartwarming experience.

Please check our website or our Facebook page for details.

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