February Seasonal
Welcome to 2014!

This is our first Seasonal of the year and we hope you enjoy the latest news from Camphill Communities Ontario.

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In This Issue...
  • Transparency
  • Christmas Fair
  • All Souls
  • Advent Garden
  • A Christmas Carol
  • New Year’s Eve Dance
  • Lunch and Learn
  • Eric
  • Santa Larry
  • Christmas Party and Play
  • Tribute Dinner
  • Cohousing
  • Fundraising and Development


Gabriele created these beautiful transparencies with companions in our Day Program in Barrie for display in windows for the Christmas season. They are 50cm by 30cm and look beautiful from the inside in the day time and from outside at night. If you want to order some for you windows next Christmas, just call the studio (705) 818-4109 or by email at: mosaicstudio@camphill.on.ca. You can also find the Mosaic Studio on Facebook to see other products.

Christmas Fair

Barry at the keyboard
Jeff at the Mosaic booth
The Christmas Fair on December 7th had a real character of a celebration and festivities. Musicians plied the room with the familiar songs of the season while visitors perused the many crafts available, eventually making their way to the café to enjoy a selection of hearty soups and baked goods to take off the winter chill.

Proceeds from the sales at our 3 fairs help to support our day programs. Over 30% of all the sales of Camphill products are generated at the fairs, so thank you to all who came out. You can find more information about our products and fairs on our website: www.camphill.on.ca or on our Facebook page.

We appreciate the participation of local crafts people and artists who set up their stands at our fairs. They add diversity and it is a pleasure for us to be able to give them exposure to the public. The fairs are a great way to demonstrate the strength and resilience of our wider community.

All Souls

Thanks to Gabriele and Sylvie for arranging a beautiful All Souls celebration at Novalis Hall. We had the opportunity to light a candle for each of the people who had died in the past few years that we wanted to remember. It was a moving afternoon. Hallelujah was performed in Eurythmy and after all the candles were lit, and we had finished sharing about the people we were remembering, it seemed that no one wanted to leave.

We sat in silence, looking at the candles, in deep remembrance of the friends and family members who had died.

Advent Garden

The advent garden is a lovely and quiet event, where children walk into a spiral of branches and crystals to light their candle from a central candle. Accompanied by gentle lyre music the child then carries their candle outwards into the spiral, retracing their steps, and puts the candle down in a place of their choosing on the path. It is a moving and deep experience for the children, and for those who watch as child after child walks the path to the light, building and creating a spiral of glowing beacons. It is a humble reminder to us of our own inner light, and its power to shine in the darkness of December.

A Christmas Carol

There was a full house for a very special performance of Dickens' Christmas Carol on December 11, performed by Mathew Dexter from England.

He had our full attention for two hours as he brought us into a deeper connection with Dickens' famous story.

We were so pleased that family and friends from all over the "neighbourhood" came to join us for this event.

The weather was not so accommodating for our next scheduled Advent event: Our dear friend Julian Mulock was all set to bring us the Child's Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas but was caught, as were thousands of others in the big ice storm. We will try again next year; it is not to be missed.

New Year’s Eve Dance

Tyler and Brittany take a break
Plus: a picture from our Halloween dance
Did you know that dances are held throughout the year at Novalis Hall, with live bands, lots of friends, fun, and food?

Our dance committee is headed up by Doreen Harte, who has great ideas, and lots of connections to local bands. Josh Robertson helps Doreen with set up, decorating, and communication. Lisa Hopper in the office makes up the posters. We are so happy that family members, day students, and new friends from local Community Living Associations come to our dances. New friendships are made every time—and it is great exercise!

Lunch and Learn

Jeff showing slides from the Craft Conference
Allan describes Biodynamic Agriculture
Gabriele and Eric move through the planets
On the third Thursday of the month, we gather for a Lunch and Learn, a time of being together as a community, including friends and families who can join us.

Topics are chosen to help in understanding the uniqueness of Camphill.

Our first Lunch and Learn in November turned to the October meetings of the Camphill Association of North America. Chuck showed us on a map of North America where all the Camphill places are and gave a brief description of each one. Christina Moore shared details of the October meetings in Camphill Communities California.

We had a presentation from the October regional Craft conference which Jeff and Alek attended in Kimberton Hills. They gave a slide show presentation from the conference.

Larry Palmer delivered an Executive Director’s report, and then we had a great lunch, thanks to Ashley and the café crew.

The January Lunch and Learn sessions took place around the theme of Biodynamics. Allan Kuhn gave a presentation outlining the methods and significance of Biodynamics in Camphill and Gabriele Schneider led us through the planets and their influence on the plants growing here on Earth.

All are welcome to join, please check our website at: camphill.on.ca for themes, dates and times.


Look at this!

The wheelchair ramp is finally finished and here is Eric taking his first ride up into the café at Janus house!

The world of opportunities has just grown for Eric, and for all of us.

We were all smiling and cheering!
Santa Larry

Who would ever have guessed? We now know his secret identity.

Every year at Christmas, Larry gets busy putting together gifts and goodies for friends and coworkers. As you can see from the photo, he has a lot on his plate. This is a time in the year where he can take a break from his administrative tasks and focus on making merry.

Christmas Party and Play

Decorating cookies for gifts
Gabriele directs the cast of The Huron Carol
Janus played host to the last day of the Day Program activities before the Christmas and New Year's holidays. It was a festive time with games, dancing and lots of creative activities.

Earlier in the week the young people and the coworkers presented a tableau based on the well known song; The Huron Carol. Under the direction and guidance of Sylvie Roberge and Gabriele Schneider the cast did an impressive job entertaining the audience composed of families and friends from Barrie. There were lots of hugs and even a few tears after the performance.
Tribute Dinner

Please join us on March 20th for the second annual Community Action Award tribute dinner.

This year, Dr. Rick Irvin has graciously accepted to be the recipient of the award.

Dr. Irvin is a founder of Hospice Simcoe in Barrie. In addition he has received prestigious awards for his work in the field of palliative medicine. Please join us in celebrating Dr. Rick's contributions.

Call Emily for information on tickets: (705) 728-7752 or email her at: emilyalward@camphill.on.ca

Help us celebrate this remarkable man.


Cohousing preliminary site plan
Progress is ongoing as we move forward with our plans to develop a major housing project.

Architect Charles Simon laid out a preliminary site plan (shown) and we are currently in meetings on topics of energy, common spaces and new technologies.

Camphill places in the U.K. are also looking into cohousing as a viable housing model for life sharing communities. I would be happy to share a comprehensive report written by Andrew Plant from Camphill in Scotland on why Camphill is interested in the cohousing model. Please send me your email or home address and I will send it off. You can reach me at: info@camphillfoundation.ca or at 78 Toronto Street Barrie ON L4N1V2

Fundraising and Development
Thank you to all who contributed to our Christmas Appeal.

We were very encouraged to see that the level of support this year has grown significantly. We are able to do more for our companions as a result of your generosity to support the extra needs of our companions; for enhancing programs with drama, art and eurythmy and to help us with continuing education for all.

There is still a lot to look forward to accomplishing this year as we develop our land work further and expand our day programs.

For more information please call Diane Kyd at (705) 728-7752.
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