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In This Issue...
  • Garden — Award and Market activities
  • Centenary of the laying of the Foundation Stone
  • Fall Fair
  • IPADS!!
  • Craft Conference
  • Julia Wolfson has returned
  • Day programs are growing
  • Co-housing Development underway
  • Michaelmas celebrations
  • Rev. Ute Koenig

Garden — Award and Market activities

Well are things ever growing in the garden this year and not just vegetables. We received county wide recognition at the Simcoe County Food and Agriculture Charter Champion Awards. In the photo you can see Ryan Butkovich and Allan Kuhn receiving the award for Best Community Garden.

The garden has been selling its produce this year at the Barrie Farmers Market and sales are great. The public has really taken to the quality and range of the vegetables Allan brings each week; tomatoes, carrots, onions, potatoes fresh out of the ground, zucchini, garlic, beets and the parsnips are the best in years. A team of volunteers help with the sales each week and there’s a lot of gabbing and chatter across the counter. Shopping has never been so much fun!

Another group that has recently added a big stimulus is the young people who have started with the Day Program in the village. They come down to the garden every Thursday and help get the vegetables ready for the Saturday market. You can read more about them in the Day Program feature.

Stay tuned to this newsletter for more about the coming year, 2014 and the big plans we have for the land, garden, herbery and day program.
Centenary of the laying of the Foundation Stone

On September 21st, right after a board meeting in Novalis Hall, a group got together to mark the 100th anniversary of the laying of the Foundation Stone of the Goetheanum near Basle in Switzerland. This building was designed and built during the 1st World War by Rudolf Steiner and workmen came from all over Europe, even the opposing nations. This was intended to be the focal point of Anthroposophy in the world. Though it was destroyed in a fire in 1922, the building is still regarded as an architectural phenomenon.

One of our board members, Jansje Holmes led us through a series of geometrical exercises followed by the construction of several Dodecahedrons. The Dodecahedron is a complex form, made in copper that was laid as the Foundation Stone of the building.

You can see our attempts at constructing the dodecahedron with sticks in the above photo.

Fall Fair

It seems as though we generate more attendance each time we put up a fair in the village. We marvel at the sight of new faces and appreciate that our fair is more than just a novelty but has grown into a much anticipated event where one can purchase unique and high quality work.

Novalis Hall is the perfect venue for all the vendors to display the products of weeks and months of labour. We are delighted that we are joined by other local artisans and crafts people who add their unique products to the marketplace. Outside, the BBQ is a busy and popular place. The indoor café features a range of soups, chili, buns, sweets, coffee and tea. In the background, live musicians add a pleasant ambiance to the atmosphere.

This year the weather was kind and gave us a rain free (though cloudy) day. The fall colours had begun their parade through the trees adding to the joyful mood.

Please join us and come to the next fair on December 7th; noon until 4:00 pm.


Thank you to the Harrison McCain foundation for making it possible for CCO to purchase 10 iPads and communication apps. We are all learning together about the variety of apps that can support people to communicate more effectively about the things they need and want. We are even learning how we can have an iPad concert!!!

A special thank you also to parent and board member Janet Scarfe who led us through the process with the Foundation, purchased the iPads, and is dedicated to helping communication issues in companions. She has been a real champion of the cause.

Thank you to Susan Hindle, Eric's mother, who supported our request so eloquently.

Well done all!!

Craft Conference at Camphill Village Kimberton Hills

From October 3rd through the 6th, Jeff Alward and Alek Sorotschynski from our Mosaic Studio attended the craft conference at Camphill Kimberton Hills. This conference brought together 60 crafts people from 11 North American Camphill places. It was an opportunity to share what craft work is being done in each of the places, experiences and ideas, and to inspire each other's work in providing meaningful and productive craft work for people with disabilities.

Julia Wolfson has returned to bring us the fourth module of the Transform and Empower course

Twenty five people were intensively engaged in the fourth module of the Transform and Empower course with Julia Wolfson in October. This four day module was titled: Leader In My Own Life.

Each module of the course takes participants deeper into the experience of the individual with disabilities, and into the ways we as staff members and supporters can work with them to achieve the best possible outcomes in their lives.

We are inspired as a group by the presence of our residents as co-learners or co-teachers for a day of the module.

Our collegial work is enhanced by the presence of three coworkers from Camphill Soltane in Pennsylvania and four coworkers from Tierra Village in Washington State who have joined the course. Our work together is enhanced by the presence of some board and family members.

Thank you to the Camphill Foundation Canada, the Camphill Foundation USA and individual donors who help us fund this joyful, community building and educational experience.

Day programs are growing at both Camphill sites; in Sophia Creek, Barrie, and at Nottawasaga Village in Angus

We began our day program initiative 3 years ago. Parents of graduates from St Joseph’s High School in Barrie were determined to find meaningful activities for their sons and daughters. During the course of the three years there has been a surge of interest and demand and we now have 15 young people in our day programs. Recently we began a new program in the village, Nottawasaga. Six young people from the surrounding area come all day Thursdays helping with the garden harvest, in the woodwork shop, and are gradually finding their way into the social and work opportunities at the village.

In Barrie, the day program is now five full days a week with many activities going on: The Mosaic art studio provides participants experience in sculpture, creating mosaics, painting and drawing and weaving. Our day work includes cooking and baking in the café program. The café provides the day participants with lunch, offers catering for CCO events, and bakes snacks for coffee breaks.

The arts of eurythmy, speech and drama are also offered in the afternoon programs. Community outings, art classes at the McLaren Art gallery and visits to village events round out the day program at Sophia Creek.

Watch for more news and developments as we are just beginning! Applications are coming in, and more space and staffing will need to be found to expand the programs.

Co-housing Development underway at the Nottawasaga site

The idea of a co-housing development on our Nottawasaga property has been a dream for us for many years. We have a vision of 20 – 25 housing units: some apartments/detached and semi detached homes where families, singles, retirees, people with disabilities who are more independent: all who wish to make a commitment to creating an environmentally sustainable, diverse, and socially interactive community which has a stake and interest in the wider Camphill work in this area. Staff members, family members, retired people and people who have disabilities but can live more independently have all expressed interest in purchasing or renting a home at Camphill.

Two years ago, through Mike Coxon, our past Executive Director, we made a connection to Ed Starr—a housing consultant at SHS-Inc. Ed helped us acquire a grant from the federal government to do preliminary research towards our goal of a co-housing development. We have completed a broad survey and built up a clear picture of the scope of the project. Now we are at the stage of creating a site plan with architect Charles Simon, renowned for designing carbon neutral buildings and projects. He is concerned with ensuring the housing is environmentally sound, healthy to live in, beautiful and affordable. Initial conversations with our township are encouraging. We are fortunate to have such a kindred spirit at this stage of the planning. Please call our office to let Chuck Kyd know if you are interested in following the progress of this project.
Michaelmas celebrations in the village

This year we were fortunate to have a Michaelmas festival blessed with Eurythmy. The Northern Star Eurythmy group gave us a performance based on a verse by Rudolf Steiner read aloud by Sylvie Roberge.
A program of music and speech followed performed in solo by Gabriele Schneider a co-worker at Camphill and recent graduate of the Spring Valley Eurythmy School. All were invited to enjoy the festive supper that followed.

September 29th marks the festival of the Archangel Michael who reminds us that we need to focus on the development of higher and nobler aspects of our character. St. Michael stands at the gate of the autumn equinox where the light begins to diminish and the darkness takes on the greater proportion of the day. We need strength and courage to get through these times until we are again greeted by the warm breath of spring and the lengthening daylight hours, the promise of rebirth in nature and in our own souls.
Rev. Ute Koenig

It is with a sad heart that we say farewell to our friend the Reverend Ute Koenig. Ute has faithfully made the journey from Richmond Hill to Nottawasaga almost every month and through outrageous weather conditions to celebrate the Act of Consecration of Man in our hall.

She has been carrying this task since 2008 following in the footsteps of Reverend Susan Locey and Reverend Peter Skaller. We have been fortunate to have a service celebrated at Camphill every month going back to when we had only one house, Algoma on the property and the service was held in the living room by Rev. Peter Skaller. That was October 7, 1989, 24 years ago!

We welcome Reverend Jonah Evans who with Ute Koenig held the service on September 28th. Jonah is new to the Toronto area having served in Spring Valley New York and Johannesburg South Africa. We look forward to developing a relationship with Jonah and invite anyone who is interested to join us in celebrating with us in Novalis Hall on the third Saturday of the month. Please check our calendar for exact times.
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